Et ta soeur?

Et ta soeur?

Periodical | Belgium

English title: And your sister?
Corporate author(s): Front de Libération de la Femme
Keyword(s): theories of power| family| violence| homosexuality
Languages(s): French
Manifest: Et ta soeur?

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Et ta soeur? is the periodical of the Front de Libération de la Femme, a Belgian feminist organisation that was inspired by the French Mouvement de Libération des Femmes. The issue selected for Fragen contains a radical critique of the family. It is analysed as a patriarchal instrument of alienation and oppression, directly linked to the economical and sexual exploitation of women. The articals call for the abolishment of patriarchy, capitalism and binary thinking in terms of femininity / virility and for a a completely different social order.
Et ta soeur?


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