La condition féminine (in: Les cahiers du libre examen)

La condition féminine

Periodical | Belgium

English title: The feminine condition
Keyword(s): second feminist wave| women’s organizations
Languages(s): French
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This thematic issue of the magazine Cahiers du Libre Examen (published by the Cercle du Libre Examen, Université Libre de Bruxelles) wanted to encourage reflection and discussion about women’s position in society. It contains both thematic articles (abortion, representation of women) and contributions by members of different feminist groups, presenting their way of working and most important demands: Dolle Mina’s, Front de Libération de la Femme, Marie Mineur, Groupe d’Action pour la Libération des Femmes, Comité d’action ‘A travail Egal – Salaire Egal’. The specificity of this publication lies in its attention to the different voices in the movement. The last article contains the transcription of a series of radio interviews (1965/66) around the question “What is femininity”.
La condition féminine


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