Kas Eestis on feminismi?

Kas Eestis on feminismi?

Article | Estonia

English title: Is there feminism in Estonia?
Source: Postimees
Keyword(s): second-wave feminism | anti-feminism | stereotypes | women’s emancipation | gender roles
Languages(s): Estonia
Manifest: ENUT-14060981

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The article explores whether feminist ideas have spread or gained prominence in the Estonian society in the early 1990s. The author provides a short overview of some of the developments of Western second-wave feminism in the 1960s and explains feminism as a social theory and category for analysis for Estonian readers. The author suggests that due to the social, economic and
political circumstances, and the existing conservative gender ideology, feminist ideas are not spreading in Estonia and women have a marginal position in decision-making and in the public sphere in general.


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