Naissance de la femme (in: La revue nouvelle)

Naissance de la femme (in: La revue nouvelle)

Periodical | Belgium

English title: Birth of woman
Keyword(s): work| legal status| education| sexuality| feminism| trade unions
Languages(s): French
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In this thematic issue of La revue nouvelle, different authors (mostly active in feminist organisations) elaborate on the issues tackled by the feminist movement in the early seventies: for instance on the structure of women’s oppression and the need for a radical reconstruction of society (Eliane Boucquey, Françoise Collin), on the question of male domination (Odette Thibaut) or on sexual liberation (Hedwige Peemans). Other articles analyse problems in the labour market (Robert Leroy) and with the vocational training of girls and women (Eliane Vogel-Polsky) or tackle the position of women in the Roman Catholic church (Marie-Thérèse van Lunen-Chenu). Marie Denis describes of the women’s and feminist movement in Begium.
Naissance de la femme (in: La revue nouvelle)


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