Tehnite sobstveni glassove : Interviewta po ustna istoria

Tehnite sobstveni glassove : Interviewta po ustna istoria

Book | Bulgaria

English title: Voices of Their Own : Oral History Interviews of Women
Keyword(s): oral histories| women| pre-1944| state-socialism| post-1989
Languages(s): Bulgarian
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The 33 women’s stories presented in this volume reveal long-standing symbolic power structures of both “public” and “private” patriarchy and suggest the ways of their reproduction. The stories show collective amnesia about the Bulgarian historical feminism and attest to a widespread stigmatization of feminism as ideology and activism. Furthermore, they articulate patterns of social modeling of relations between women and men, and they also show how gender constructs the social, political and economic order, in which women and men live. The life stories of women included here represent different generations of women (mothers, daughters, grand-daughters) from various religious (Christian Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish, and Armenian-Gregorian), ethnic (Bulgarian, Turkish, Roma, Armenian and Jewish) and professional backgrounds.


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