Ouvriers = ouvrières?

Ouvriers = ouvrières

Ouvriers = ouvrières? Proposition pour une articulation théorique de deux variables : sexes et classes sociales

Article | France

English title: Working men = working women? Proposal for a theoretical articulation of two variables : sexes and social classes
Source: Critique de l’économie politique
Keyword(s): female workers | sociology of work | inferiorization of women
Languages(s): French
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The main contribution of this text is to question and challenge the way sociology of work “forgot” women in its analysis.
The author shows how female workers are not equal to male workers. She opens up the area of study to new and further research, far beyond sociology of work. The point is reconsider ones’ views of social analysis in order to avoid studying “women’s distinctive features” according to the “general model”, which is actually based on male practices only. This pioneering text underlines the necessity to articulate gender and class relations, the necessity to take into account, simultaneously, men’s and women’s places in production, but also within the family. Grounding her work on specific examples, thus exposing precisely what kind of processes define working skills and practices, the author shows how the inferiorization of women has been produced and reproduced.
Critique de l’économie politique


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