Pourquoi “Sorcières”

Pourquoi “Sorcières”

Article | France

English title: Why “Witches”
Source: Sorcières
Keyword(s): Women’s writing (écriture “femme”) | creativity | womanliness (féminitude)
Languages(s): French
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This journal was dedicated to any kind of feminist creativity, particularly women’s writing (called “écriture femme”). There could also be debates and reviews on poetry, painting, sculpting, singing or dancing, with views often referring to the idea of “feminitude” (womanliness). The subtitle of the journal was “women live”. Women artists could publish drawings, photographs, paintings and most feminist artists of the time participated in this journal. Some of them were already famous (Marguerite Duras) or have since then become famous (Nancy Huston).
 Pourquoi "Sorcières"


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