MLM : sobre o feminismo

MLM : sobre o feminismo

Book | Portugal

English title: WLM : about feminism
Corporate author(s): Movimento de Libertação das Mulheres
Keyword(s): feminism | radical feminism | second feminist wave | women’s movements | Portugal
Languages(s): Portugese
Manifest: view document: sobre o feminismo

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The portuguese Women’s Liberation Movement presents, with this text, their first publication and the first portuguese feminist manifesto, produced after the implement of democracy. The text’s subject identifies with the radical feminist thinking, that regards family as a patriarcal institution dominating women. This feminist vision values the “domestic work” and deconstructs the myth of maternity, denouncing the sexuality ignored by women under the submission to the masculin sexuality, and demands the right of women to enjoy their body in what concerns sexuality, birthcontrol and abortion.


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