L’Infamia Originaria

L’Infamia Originaria

L’Infamia Originaria : facciamola finita col cuore e la politica

Book | Italy

English title: Original Infamy : Let’s Cut out Heart and Politics
Keyword(s): feminist socialism | feminist ideology critique | female thinking | philosophy of man | psychoanalysis | sexual difference | communist party critique
Languages(s): Italian
Manifest: L’Infamia Originaria

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The book collects some of Lea Melandri’s pamphlets published from 1971 to 1975. The two relevant ones, “L’infamia originaria” (Original infamy) and “Dora Freud e la violenza” (Dora Freud and violence), focus on the relationship between women and men through a psychoanalytic perspective. The mutilation of women diversity has originated the dualism nature/culture and personal/political.
The feminist practice is set up as a long and difficult analysis about what history and culture have removed.


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