Diethnis imera anitsilipsis

Diethnis imera anitsilipsis

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English title: International day of contraception
Corporate author(s): Omades Gynaikon Nomikis; Philosoplikis; KATEE; Panteios; Omada Gynaikon Iatrikis; Omada Protovoulias Gynaikon Pereaus; Avtonomi Omada Omophilon Gynaikon; Skoupa; Ekdotiki Omada Gynaikon; Omada Gynaikon Sfigga
Keyword(s): contraception | sexuality | women’s body | violence
Languages(s): Greek
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The legalisation of abortion in Greece was one of the burning question of that time. Appeal for the right of women on contraception to protect them from undesirable pregnancies and to give them control of their body and their exuality. The manifesto emphasized the hypocrisy of Greek society which condemns abortions although they were widely performed illegally, whilst doctors benefited financially from this situation.
Diethnis imera anitsilipsis


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