Prostitūtu aptaujas rezultāti Latvijā

Prostitūtu aptaujas rezultāti Latvijā

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English title: A survey about prostitution in Latvia
Source: Dzimumlidztiesiba Latvija gadsimtu mija = Gender Equality in Latvia at the Treshhold of the New Millenium
Keyword(s): prostitution | sexual services | source of income | clients of prostitutes | sexually transmitted diseases
Languages(s): Latvian – English
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Chapter from the book “Dzimumlidztiesiba Latvija gadsimtu mija,” edited by Marina Thorborg and Inna Broņislava Zariņa, and published by Latvian Women Studies and Information Center, Riga. This article describes the results of a survey among prostitutes in capital city Riga in 1997 (n=97). It was found that two thirds of the respondents were younger than 21, and nearly half had not completed high school. The main motivation to work in the prostitution was to earn money, less frequent: curiosity, the ease of work. For the half of them it was not a basic or sole source of income. Two thirds have had contracted STD’s.
Among their clients prevailed businessmen, foreign tourists, clerks, policemen.
Prostitūtu aptaujas rezultāti Latvijā


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