Manifesto di Rivolta Femminile

Manifesto di Rivolta Femminile

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English title: Manifest of Feminist Revolt
Source: Sputiamo su Hegel; La donna clitoridea e la donna vaginale e altri scritti
Keyword(s): feminist ideology critique | feminist philosophy | female thinking | radical feminism | women’s movements
Languages(s): Italian
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The “Manifest of Female Revolt” (1970), published in ‘Let’s spit on Hegel; The clitoral woman and the vaginal woman and other writings’ is the first statement of the group. It contains many themes and issue which will be developed afterwards in the Italian Feminism. There are the importance of the separatism and the self-awareness, the claim of Difference instead of Equality, the criticism towards the marriage, the recognition of the women’s work and the demanding of an autonomous sexuality for women, far from male demands. Some of the most interesting group’s positions concern the abort related to the female sexuality, the criticism towards the marxist movement and the psycoanalysis (because of their female oppression and representation). Carla Lonzi elaborated these issue on “Let’s spit on Hegel” and “The clitoral woman and the vaginal woman” and other writings which intitled the book and are considered the continuation of the Manifest. Each text has been a manifesto on consciousness rising, sexual difference and female sexuality. Their works were based on writing as a political tool: they published their work by themselves and they also funded their own publishing house.
Manifesto di Rivolta Femminile


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