Shortcomings in legal equality

Shortcomings in legal equality

Article | Latvia

Source: Invitation to Dialogue : Beyond Gender (In)equality
Keyword(s): gender equality | mandatory education | economic activity by sex | equality of parents | support to families
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Chapter from the book “Dialogue: Beyond Gender (In)equality,” edited by Ilze Koroļeva and published by the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology, Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga. The article contains a short reminder of legalising gender equality in Latvia: since 1919 in education and political rights, and during the 90-ties in parents’ rights and social security. In reality, due to stereotypes on mother’s role and insufficient support in child care economic activity and well-being of women is lower, though their education level is higher than that of men, and the majority of them share a view that both partners are responsible for income and domestic work.
Shortcomings in legal equality


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