Lyčių drama

Lyčių drama (Įvadas)

Lyčių drama (Įvadas)

Book | Lithuania

English title: Drama of the sexes (Introduction)
Keyword(s): gender | sex | masculinity | femininity | feminism theories | history of feminism
Languages(s): Lithuanian
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The introduction to this book presents a comprehensive view of traditional and feminist understanding of sex, gender, family and personality. The title of the book “Drama of the Sexes” embraces the social and family relations, conditioned by a concrete historical, social and cultural structure of patriarchal society, and the psychological tension between individuals of opposite sex. Following aspects involve women’s struggles from the 19th century to women’s movement in the 20th century. The author presents and analyzes insights of N.J.Chodorow, M.Mead, H.Lips, N.Colwill, A.Maslow, S.Lipsitz Bem, C.Levi-Strauss, V.Woolf, Beauvoir, B.Friedan, K.Millet and others. The following conclusion is drawn: in a patriarchal society cultural traditions stimulate the formation of stereotypical views on sex and gender.


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