Polska jest kobietą

Polska jest kobietą

Article | Poland

English title: Poland is a woman
Source: Przekrój
Keyword(s): manifesto | women in politics |
Languages(s): Polish
Manifest: view document: gretkowska polska jest kobieta

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Text calls to establish party of women. Main postulates of the new party should be: better health care for women (including access to abortion, contraception, sexual education and artificial insemination); better family policy (including social benefits and protection of children); and counteracting violence against women (domestic violence, rape, trafficking). Author calls for institutional change and improvement of state mechanism that guarantee social change and gender equality.
Gretkowska criticises opressive law and culture that violate reproductive rights of women, limit their access to legal abortion, contraception and sexual education. She criticises ignorance of the government, sensitive only to groups demanding their rights with use of power. She also criticises passivity of women, their acceptance of oppressive culture and of the fact that their demands are usually neglected.She calls for action, political mobilisation of women that leads to creation of real political power- party of women. Gretkowska stresses power of women’s solidarity, their creativeness, entrepreneurialism and support they provide to each other.


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