Despre natura, femei si morala

Despre natura, femei si morala

Convenio : Despre natura, femei si morala

Book | Romania

English title: Convenio : On Nature, Women and Morals
Keyword(s): feminist theory | feminist ethics | gynomorphic ethics | convenience theory | ecofeminism
Languages(s): English – Romanian
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In this book, Mihaela Miroiu tries to construct an alternative approach on ethics which she is calling “convenience theory”. She starts by approaching the biblical text of the Genesis from a feminist perspective with a special focus on Christian orthodoxy and the overcoming of the excess of somatophoby. She continues by analyzing elitism, specism, and sexism in the main modern ethics; presenting feminist ethics (empathy and ethic of justice, relational ethics, maternal ethics, equality through difference) and gynomorphic ethics. In the last chapter of the book the author discusses her perspective compared with ecofeminism, deep ecology and social ecology. The arguments are used in order to construct a new theoretical approach in feminist theory, the convenience theory. This theory is designed to surpass the dichotomic logic: reason and empathy as well as to offer a new perspective which is valuable also for the relations between humans and other living beings. The book has also a consistent abstract in English, pp. 235-248.
Despre natura, femei si morala


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