Point of view of women

Point of view of women

Vzajomny vztah medzi verejnou a sukromnou sferou z pohladu zien

Article | Slovakia

English title: Relationship between public and private sphere from the point of view of women
Source: Aspekt
Keyword(s): women | public sphere | private sphere | equality | gender | men | gender stereotype | gender role
Languages(s): Slovak
URL: www.aspekt.sk; http://www.genderstudies.fphil.uniba.sk/
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Theoretical reaction to the publication “Ona a on na Slovenku” (“She an He in Slovakia”) which was the first sociological research in which men and women are differentiated, as well in questions as in the results of the research. The research was done by sociologists who just started to work from the gender perspective and this was a big progress in the mid nineties in Slovakia. On the other hand the research had some shortcomings due to the situation in Slovakia where sociology started to work with gender only in the nineties. The discussion on the research was very productive for the next work. The article by Zuzana Kiczkova is aimed at the problems of the research and at the situation of women in Slovakia during the real socialism and after the fall of the regime from the perspective of the private and public sphere.


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