Kvinnors liv och arbete

Kvinnors liv och arbete

Kvinnors liv och arbete: svenska och norska studier av ett aktuellt samhällsproblem

Book | Sweden

English title: Women’s lives and work: studies of a contemporary social problem in Sweden and Norway
Keyword(s): gender equality | gender equality policy | gender role | labor market | Sweden | seventies
Languages(s): Swedish
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This book, edited by the sociologist Edmund Dahlström, is the result of the cooperation between Swedish and Norwegian researchers. The book made an important contribution to the discursive change in how gender equality was conceptualised in the Nordic countries. By using the concept of könsroll (gender role) both men and women were included, and the social consequences generated by the gender division in the labour market were problematized. The book and its subsequent manual for study circles were widely spread among politicians, activists and in media debates. It had a huge influence on Swedish policy on gender equality formed in the seventies, but it gave also rise to a feminist critique on the concept of gender role. / Summary by Kerstin Alnebratt


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