Frauen bestimmt selbst die Zahl eurer Kinder

Frauen bestimmt selbst die Zahl eurer Kinder

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English title: Women, decide yourselves how many children you want
Corporate author(s): Mouvement de Libération des Femmes [et al.] (youth groups; organisations of teachers, lawyers, human rights activists)
Keyword(s): abortion | contraception | reproductive coercion | sexual education | law | social injustice | family politics | single mothers | sexuality | work/family reconciliation | self-determination
Languages(s): German
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In 1973 the MLF started a campaign together with 11 organisations (including youth clubs). Besides other activities they published a double-page newsletter supplement that was widely distributed (10,000 copies). The text argues against the criminalisation of women seeking an abortion and promotes the use of contraceptives and sexual education (in schools, communities and at work).
Secret abortions are shown as both a health and financial risk (testimony of a woman and a doctor). Abortions and contraceptives should be paid by health insurances. The authors criticize the blockade of a law proposition (1972) by the Christian party CSV. Church and state are accused of practising reproductive coercion to insure cheap labour and to keep women in their mother role, while on the other hand no state money is spent on the needs of (single) mothers and families (childcare, etc.). Self-determination in the question of abortion is seen as the key for emancipation (work, politics, etc.).


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