Tal hållet av Lesbisk Front vid Grupp 8:s kvinnofest, Stockholm

Tal hållet av Lesbisk Front vid Grupp 8:s kvinnofest, Stockholm

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English title: Lesbian Front’s speech at Group 8’s women’s festival, Stockholm
Corporate author(s): Lesbisk Front
Keyword(s): lesbian feminism | feminism | Sweden | speech
Languages(s): Swedish
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This speech, published in Hanna Hallgren, When Lesbians became Women, 2008, pp.233-235, is one of the key texts in Swedish lesbian feminism and is frequently quoted in the movement’s publications. Parts of it are based on the Radical lesbians manifesto “The Woman-Identified Woman.” The speech was given by Eva Bohlin, one of the founders of the Lesbian Front, but it was composed by the whole group. The speech links the lesbian issue to the feminist issue, a new and for many people provocative thought. Also within the women’s movement. Despite the fact that many feminist activists lived together with women and despite the fact that it has been so for as long as the women’s movement has existed. Lesbians have been the ghost, that anti-feminists
have used in order to push women back to the heteronormative order. The new slogan was: Lesbian struggle is feminist struggle.
Feminist struggle is lesbian struggle. To achieve the liberation of all women, the feminist movement must fight on three fronts simultaneously: Against patriarchy, against capitalism and against heteronormativity. The power to implement the changes is to seek in the solidarity, community and love between women. / Summary by Eva Borgström


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