Kadınların Kurtuluşu Bildirgesi

Kadınların Kurtuluşu Bildirgesi

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English title: Declaration of Women’s Liberation
Keyword(s): women’s liberation | women’s movements | feminist women | feminism
Languages(s): English – Turkish
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The database field ‘Image cover’ contains the Turkish document. An English translation is uploaded in the field ‘Digital doc’. A “Feminist Weekend” was organised on 11-12th February 1989 in Ankara upon the call of various feminist groups. Actually it was a nationwide congress named the “ Feminist Weekend” where the policies and the strategies of critical feminist issues on the agenda are discussed. At the end of this meeting a common declaration is prepared by the contribution of all the participants.
It is called the Declaration of Women’s Liberation. The congress has also decided to begin a campaign called “Our Bodies belong to us and No to Sexual violence”.


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