Predecessor of micro financing

collection highlight Predecessor of micro financing

Clara Meijers (1885-1964) worked as an executive secretary of the Rotterdamsche Bankvereeninging (Robaver) in Amsterdam.
She had a dream: founding a bank for women, run by women. Her objective was to be able to grant credit to women without means who wanted to start their own company, a construction now better known as micro financing. Her ideal became reality, although altered, in 1928. The Robaver opened a ‘women’s bank’ as a branch.
Clara Meijers became the managing director and Mr. C. Kleinhoonte her deputy manager.

In the picture, you see Clara Meijers sitting behind her desk with Lien Kleinhoonte at her left. Their first customer was none other than Rosa Manus.
This picture was among the returned archival items from Moscow, in 2003.

Source: collection Clara Meijers 17


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