Violence against women and girls

45% of the women in the netherlands had experienced either physical or sexual violence

Violence against women is a human rights violation that occurs on a large scale with many harmful consequences for the victim, but also for society. With the commencement of the European Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence (the Istanbul Convention) on 1 March 2016, the Dutch government has entered into an obligation not only to combat this violence with policy and legislation, but also to appearance.

Violence against women is a major problem worldwide. 45% of all women in the Netherlands ever experienced physical and/or sexual violence in her life. Almost three-quarters (73%) have ever been sexually intimidated. One out of ten women has ever been raped in her life. The increasing use of the internet and social media has led to new forms of violence and threats. Young women are at extra risk for cyber violence.

Atria conducts research into the extent and nature of gender-related violence and provides advice on the prevention of violence against women. Atria also contributes to raising awareness about this problem through regular scheduling of this subject.

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Violence against women; facts and figures

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