Problem utemeljenja historije žena u Jugoslaviji

Problem utemeljenja historije žena u Jugoslaviji

Konji, žene, ratovi itd. : problem utemeljenja historije žena u Jugoslaviji

Article | Croatia

English title: Horses, women, wars, etc. : on problem of founding women’s history in Yugoslavia
Keyword(s): women’s history| gender| visibility| politics of research| history textbooks
Languages(s): Croatian
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The author develops theoretical foundation of women’s history, starting from the critique of traditional historiography and its false universalism. With new questions and new sources, the concept of gender as analytical category (as positioned by Gerda Lerner) is seen as the most important feature of women’s history. The author analyses the case of Yugoslav history where women were invisible and underrepresented, basing her argument on statistics of mentioning of men and women in textbooks. She calls upon the further development of the field of women’s history in the context of Yugoslav historiography.
Published in: Žena i društvo : kultiviranje dijaloga. Zagreb: Sociološko društvo Hrvatske, 1987.
Reprinted in: Sklevicky, Lydia: Konji, žene, ratovi. Zagreb: Ženska infoteka, 1996.


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