Denna värld är vår

Denna värld är vår

Book | Finland

English title: This World is Ours! Handbook of Sisterhood
Keyword(s): economy | family | feminist organizational forms | poetry | sexuality | socialist feminism | women’s culture | women’s movements | work
Languages(s): Swedish
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The book consists of three parts. The first parts present feminist ideas and analysis, followed by discussions about the “new women’s movement”, both Finnish and international. This movement is seen as historically unique. Main themes are analysis of societal structures at large with special focus on the private-public divide, economy, family, language, history, otherness and sexuality. Specific women’s culture and the need for solidarity among women are central issues. Suggestions are given for feminist organising and personal transformation. The first part is based on socialist feminist study-circle discussions and international feminist literature. It is co-authored by Boucht and Nyström. The second and third parts are selections of poems written by Nyström (“In female memory”) and Boucht (“When I woke up”). The poems deal with the topics of the first part, combined with a personal approach. Reflections of personal life experiences are central.
Denna värld är vår


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