Nasterea : Istorii traite

Nasterea : Istorii traite

Book | Romania

English title: Birth : Living Stories
Keyword(s): life history | social history | maternity | birth | emancipation
Languages(s): Romanian
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Contains twenty life histories of women’s experiences of birth. The stories cover a time span that stretches from 1955 to 2009. Much of the communist era and the post-communist period are therefore covered, thus offering the reader not only the subjective experience of birth, but also inscribes it in an historical background that offers a different perception of birth experiences in Romania, throughout totalitarian communism and up to the newly gained status of European Union member state.
Apart from the historical dimension, there is also a geographical and cultural one, covering different areas both in Romania, Europe and even the United States. The annex contains the original guide used in the research.
Nasterea : Istorii traite


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