Tasa-arvoasiain neuvottelukunnan naistutkimusseminaari

Tasa-arvoasiain neuvottelukunnan naistutkimusseminaari

Suomen Akatemian ja tasa-arvoasiain neuvottelukunnan naistutkimusseminaari 18.–19.1. 1980 Helsingissä

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English title: Women’s studies seminar 18.–19.1. 1980 in Helsinki, organized by the Academy of Finland and the Council for Gender Equality
Corporate author(s): the Council for Gender Equality
Keyword(s): women’s studies | emancipation research | methods debate | men | private public debate | production reproduction debate | standpoint | feminist scientific practice
Languages(s): Finnish
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The document consists of seminar presentations and brief documentation of discussion. The two-day seminar was the first nation-wide women’s studies gathering. There were 16 presentations and a welcome speech by the current minister of interior. One presentation was about the general nature and specifity of women’s studies and the reasons why it’s needed, one about research connected
to the promotion of equality and one provided a general overview of the development of Finnish women’s studies so far. Other presentations dealt with different academic fields and topics from women’s (studies) perspective and, one presentation, with men’s role.
References were made to women’s studies’ connection to the new women’s movement and its political nature and multidisciplinary.
The importance of women’s perspective in different academic fields and the need for developing women’s studies theory and methodology was underlined. Feminist science critique and critical analysis of current academic practices were important themes in some of the presentations. Several different academic fields and themes for research were dealt with: social sciences and politics, art, religion, psychology, history, education, household economics, housing and community planning, participatory research in medical sciences, law and technology and automation. The documented discussion was about how to further develop women’s studies in the academia.
Suomen Akatemian ja tasa-arvoasiain neuvottelukunnan naistutkimusseminaari 18.–19.1. 1980 Helsingissä


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