Travail domestique et famille du capitalisme

Travail domestique et famille du capitalisme

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English title: Domestic work and family in capitalism
Source: Critique de l’économie politique
Keyword(s): domestic work | capitalism | family
Languages(s): French
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Thanks to feminist gains, domestic work is considered as work, even if taking this work into account in the field of political economy leads to a u-turn. Grounded on feminist gains, the macro-economical analysis of work, as it is thought about in this article, widens the Marxist analysis of work thanks to the articulation of the family with the productive system. Specific social relations built the family structure and their analysis underlines the individuation process characterizing the capitalist time which, first and foremost, requires the simultaneous mother-and-child constitution. Domestic work is then defined as the part assigned to women of the reproduction-individuation work, which, as such, is different according to social classes but depend on the same order.
Travail famille etat


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