Diakirixi tis kinisis gia tin apelevtherosi ton gynaikon

Diakirixi tis kinisis gia tin apelevtherosi ton gynaikon

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English title: Declaration of the movement for women’s liberation
Corporate author(s): Kinisi gia tin apelevtherosi ton gynaikon
Keyword(s): women’s autonomous movement | independence of women | women’s rights
Languages(s): Greek
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Declaration of the women’s movement on key issues, such as: what is called “female question” and “female oppression”; the exploitation of women in the family and the supposedly innate tendencies of women to stay home and raise children; female sexuality; violence against women; the refusal of parties to defend the autonomy of the women’s movement; the need for “self-organization” of women; and finally the belief that “there is no liberation of women without socialism and there is no socialism without the liberation of women”.


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