Nők a Nőkért Együtt az Erőszak Ellen Egyesület Alapszabály

Nők a Nőkért Együtt az Erőszak Ellen Egyesület Alapszabály

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English title: Statutes of NANE Women’s Rights Association
Corporate author(s): NANE Women’s Rights Association
Keyword(s): women’s organizations | violence against women | services | awareness
Languages(s): Hungarian
URL: www.nane.hu
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NANE Women’s Rights Association is dedicated to ending the human rights violations and the threat of violence against women (VAW) and children through advocacy, personal support services and public education. Its activities range from running a national hotline for women and children victims of gender-based violence through public education to training for professionals in related fields. The statutes of NANE consist of the basic data of the association, the main goals and tasks of the association, the rules of membership, the rights and obligations of the members, the structure of the association and its office-holders, legal entity status, resources and financial management, the rules of functioning and the rules of disbanding the association, and closing provisions.


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