Prostitution-Free Hungary

violence young women in playgrounds

A Prostitúció Nélküli Magyarországért Mozgalom alapító felhívása

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English title: The Founding Appeal of the Movement for a Prostitution-Free Hungary
Keyword(s): women’s organizations | action groups | anti-prostitution | abolitionism
Languages(s): Hungarian
Manifest: Prostitution-Free Hungary

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The appeal of the Movement for a Prostitution-Free Hungary addresses the general public and government officials in order to initiate an alternative, human rights-based approach to the problem of prostitution. It argues that the legalization of prostitution is in the interest of only a relatively small, anonymous group of people, but in the public discourse pro-legalization arguments prevail. It sees prostitution as a violation of the human rights and dignity of children and women victims of prostitution, and it argues for the penalization of the clients.


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