Emancipatie, ook in de school

Emancipatie ook in de school

Book | Belgium

English title: Emancipation, also at school
Keyword(s): education | discrimination| Belgium| socialization
Languages(s): Dutch
Manifest: emancipatie ook in de school

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The minister for Education published this booklet in 1975, at the occasion of the International Women’s Year. It was written by women active in the second feminist wave – and although the minister takes, in his preface, some distance from the text, he didn’t interfere with the analysis. The authors look at the different positions held by girls and boys in the educational
system, their unequal representation in almost all branches (and the specific problems imposed by the structuring of the vocational branches), sexist images in school books and pedagogical material, the omnipresence of stereotyping and gender socialization in education and in society as a whole, and ask for structural changes. Figures back up their arguments.
The booklet also exists in French.
Emancipatie ook in de school


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