Individualità e pluralità

Individualità e pluralità : il pensiero della nascita

Individualità e pluralità : il pensiero della nascita

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English title: Individuality and plurality : the thinking of the origin
Corporate author(s): Bono, Paola (ed.)
Source: Questioni di teoria femminista
Keyword(s): feminist ethics | female thinking | women’s organisations | conference paper | conferences
Languages(s): Italian
Manifest: BIDD-8877381256

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The book Questioni di teoria femminista (Questions of feminist theory) contains fourteen speeches which were held at the international meeting of feminist theory in Glasgow, July 1991. “Il pensiero della nascita” (The Thinking of the origin) was written by Raffaella Lamberti, feminist activist which belongs to Orlando and the Women’s Centre in Bologna, one of the most important Italian feminist groups since the 1960s. Through the links between pluralism and individuality, and influenced by Hannah Arendt’s thoughts, the article is focused on Orlando’s activities experienced with Israeli and Palestinian women movements. In particular the transversal character of that practice is based on the awareness of women’s own positionality and politics and the commitment to dialogue and information exchange.
Individualità e pluralità : il pensiero della nascita


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