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dahla Il-Mara Maltija wara s-sena 2000

Article | Malta

English title: Nurturing towards Equality
Source: Il-Mara Maltija wara s-sena 2000
Keyword(s): Malta | education | equality | social construction | gender theories | media | work | politics | breadwinning
Languages(s): Maltese
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The collection of papers ‘Il-Mara Maltija wara s-sena 2000’ contains articles treating several themes central to contemporary women’s issues. This article analyses the relationship between women’s empowerment and the formal and informal education given even from the early years. The author has been a leading activist in women’s groups since the 1970’s and held leading government
posts responsible for the advancement of women in Malta.
See also the text Dahla, which is the introduction to the papers.


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