Un diritto per due

Un diritto per due

Un diritto per due : la costruzione giuridica di genere, sesso e sessualità

Book | Italy

English title: A right for two
Keyword(s): family law | law on relationships | sociology of law | abortions | domestic violence | reproductive rights | legal theory | legislation
Languages(s): Italian
Manifest: Un diritto per due

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Tamar Pitch is a jurist, professor of sociology of law and member of the female Italian jurist association. In this book she analyzes the relationships between women movements and law, focusing on the theoretical, political and cultural Italian debate and its international context. Key themes of the feminist movement and feminist political struggle in Italy are proposed as single chapters in which the author analyzes the debate about laws and proposals of laws in the social and political context.
The main themes are: reproductive rights, abortion, family rights, domestic violence, gender construction.
Un diritto per due


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