dahla Il-Mara Maltija wara s-sena 2000

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English title: Introduction
Source: Il-Mara Maltija wara s-sena 2000
Keyword(s): Malta | social change | education | media | family law | employment | entrepreneurship | politics | health | disability | old age
Languages(s): Maltese
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The collection ‘Il-Mara Maltija wara s-sena 2000’ contains papers treating several themes central to contemporary women’s issues.
The introduction by editor Callus examines the main factors that have influenced social change with regards to women’s role in society and gives an overview of the chapters. The book aims to promote a discussion on the future of women’s advancementand its impact on traditional roles and work-life balance.
See also the text: Trawwim ghall-Ugwaljanza, which is part of the collection of papers.


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