Discontent of women

Discontent of women | J.E. Kool-Smit

Original title: Onbehagen bij de vrouw

Article | Netherlands

Source: De Gids
Keyword(s): political participation | feminism | legal status
Languages(s): Dutch
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In this article, J.E. Kool-Smit discusses the ‘discontent of women’. While Kool-Smit recognises the progress made in the last centuries with respect to women’s emancipation, she claims that of the three main goals of feminism 1) women should be free human beings 2) women should be able to achieve their fullest potential and 3) be full members of society, none has been fully reached. The article focusses on 3rd goal and relates the fact that women are not regarded as full members of society to (the current status of) marriage and child rearing. She problematises womens’ dependent position and calls upon women to permit themselves some ‘healthy egoism’, adopt a ‘fighting attitude’ and exert political pressure on parties to improve the position of women, i.e. by legalising abortion, and granting women equal employment rights to men. – The article is digital available via the link in the Url field.


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