Kobiety nie lubią siedzieć cicho

Kobiety nie lubią siedzieć cicho

Kobiety nie lubią siedzieć cicho : wywiad Katarzyny Bratkowskiej z Elżbietą Fornalczyk

Article | Poland

English title: Women don’t like to keep quiet : Katarzyna Bratkowska’s interview with Elzbieta Fornalczyk
Source: Gazeta Wyborcza
Keyword(s): 8th of March | women’s movement | employment | trade unions
Languages(s): Polish
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Interview with Elzbieta Fornalczyk, who established the first trade unions in hypermarket “Tesco” and organised the first strike. The text comments on the situation of women on the labor market, and stresses the intersection between gender and class in capitalist exploitation. Underlines women’s agency, strength and determination of Fornalczyk in fight for dignity of workers. Her success in establishing trade unions and organising strike is a first step on a way to social justice and respectful conditions of work.


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