Lua : revista feminista

Lua : revista feminista

Periodical | Portugal

English title: Lua : feminist magazine
Keyword(s): radical feminism | gender violence | sexual violence | rapes | self-defense | women’s prisons | international feminist solidarity | feminist periodicals | Portugal
Languages(s): Portugese
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The first feminist documentation centre in Portugal, the IDM – Informação Documentação Mulheres – was established in the decade of 1980 and among its publications, a special remark to the feminist magazine Lua. In this issue, the main subject is violence against women, which was a subject still forgotten by the political agendas. An interview with the writer and feminist Isabel Barreno and articles from the journalists Regina Louro and Maria João Seixas enrich this magazine. Also to be found news about a women’s general strike in the Netherlands, in 1981, resulting from the future limitations to the abortion decriminalisation law, as well as a conference in Amsterdam about the first International Feminist Film and Video Festival. And also features texts on sexual violence, religion, contraception, self-defense, the origins of agression, and violence suffered by women while in prison.


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