Per un plantejament democratic de la lluita de les dones

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Article | Spain

English title: For a democratic approach of the women’s struggle
Source: Papers. Revista de Sociologia
Keyword(s): democratic change | class struggle | women’s emancipation | class solidarity | women’s organization | explotation of women as consumers | conditions of life
Languages(s): Catalan
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The text critizises the instrumentalization of the feminist struggle by the Communist Party in Spain and argues that, while women need to participate in the fight for democracy because this will lead to improve their conditions of life, democracy won’t be enough in itself to succeed in achieving women’s emancipation. The author points out three conceptions of the feminist struggle that she considers to be mistaken: the first one that understands it as women’s solidarity to their masculine comrades; the feminist one, that considers it to be a separate struggle from the other social movements reivindications; and the communist conception that defines the feminist struggle as secondary to the class struggle and the fight against capitalism.


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