Relatiile de gen in Romania

Relatiile de gen in Romania

Ultima inegalitate : Relatiile de gen in Romania

Book | Romania

English title: The Last Inequality : Gender Relations in Romania
Keyword(s): gender relations | post-communist Romania | gender policy | patriarchy | gender inequalities
Languages(s): Romanian
Manifest: view document: Ultima inegalitate

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Analysis of gender relations in Romania during the transition from communism period. The main topics of this research cover the political aspects of gender relations and gender-oriented policy in Romania, the socialist heritage in terms of gender policy; gender relations in transition; politics and the patriarchate. Basing his research on various statistical data, Pasti argues that in spite of formal changes, the patriarchate is still reproduced as a power-based structure of inequality between men and women. The book also presents a critical view of contemporary feminist and women’s groups in Romania, which he considers as unable to produce practical consequences for their theoretical and normative positions.
Relatiile de gen in Romania


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