Kvinnovetenskapliga studier

Kvinnovetenskapliga studier

Gråt inte – forska! Kvinnovetenskapliga studier

Book | Sweden

English title: Don’t Cry – Do Research! Women’s Studies
Keyword(s): women’s studies | Sweden | seventies
Languages(s): Swedish
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This book was an important contribution to the emerging Swedish research field of women’s studies in the late 1970’s. In relation to the Anglo-American research, with references to Elaine Showalter’s concept of “gynocritics”, researchers examined different forms of female oppression and power relations, and highlighted hidden women in the (literary) history of Sweden. Women’s
studies challenged the established research through a critical gender perpective on ongoing research, and by drawing attention to the lack of gender equality at the universities. A key motto was “Don’t Cry – Do Research!”, which was a paraphrase of the U.S. slogan “Don’t Cry – Resist!”.
Gråt inte – forska! contains nine articles from different disciplines and countries. The book is thus a clear example of the interdisciplinary nature of women’s studies. It is the result of the influential women’s studies seminars organized by Karin Westman Berg in Sweden in 1967–1978. / Summary by Anna Nordenstam


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