Kadınların Dayağa Karşı Dayanışma Kampanyası

Kadınların Dayağa Karşı Dayanışma Kampanyası

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Campaign Against Battering of Women
Keyword(s): women’s struggle | women’s movements | sexual harassment
Languages(s): Turkish
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The “ Campaign against Battering of Women”, is the selected action. Therefore a set of documents is chosen in respect to this campaign. The collection of materials contains:

  1. Bağır! Herkes duysun! “ Shout, Let Everybody Hear İt” / Banu Peker [et al.]. – [Istanbul]: Kadın Çevresi Yayınları, 1988.
  2. Mor Iğne: Bedenimiz bizimdir! Cinsel tacize hayır! Kampanya özel sayısı. “ Purple Needle ”Our bodies belong to us’ ( a leaflet for the Action against sexual violence and harrassment )
    – [Istanbul]: K Yayınları, [1989]. The campaign began with a march, and continued with various other actions. A song which was composed at the time, became the feminist song of all protest meetings [4.] Kadınlar vardır [lyrics] / Filiz Kerestecioğlu.
  3. Kadın Şenliği, 4 Ekim 1987, TTOK Kariye Müzesi Tesisleri: the poster ‘Venus in the Jar’.. [Kavanozdaki kadın] [poster]. – [S.l.]: [s.n.], [1987]. – A poster is drawn for the festive against violence .
    The Campaign Against Battering began in 1987. It was the first campaign against violence in the family. The motto of the campaign ‘Our Bodies Our Lives Belong to Us’ and ‘No to Sexual Harassment’ became one of the main strategies in women’s activities in the successive years. The Purple Pin Campaign in 1989 was also a turning point in feminist struggle. In the meantime the song ‘There are Women’ written by one of the feminist activists of those days has become the song of all feminist activities. A poster drawn by painter Gülsün Karamustafa ‘Venus in the Jar’ became the symbol of the Kariye Festival in 1987. This campaign paved the way for women shelters and the foundation of women’s organisations dealing with sexual violence and honor killings.

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