Women’s Liberation and the New Politics

Women's Liberation and the New Politics

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Keyword(s): feminism | feminist philosophy | Marxism | socialist feminism | Women’s Liberation Movement | family | social constructivism | phallocentrism
Languages(s): English
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‘Women’s Liberation and the New Politics’ remains one of the key UK “second wave” feminist texts, which first appeared in the late 1960s as an essay in the radical far-left newspaper, Black Dwarf. The text of the pamphlet alligns feminism with the radical left wing but also provides a critique of these leftist movements and their levels of engagement with women.
There are also sections which cover the interplay of language, culture, politics, ideology and sex and their impact upon the status of women.
The pamphlet was published originally in 1969. At the request of the author we are including the republished version which was produced as a pamphlet by the Spokesman publishing group c.1971.


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