Women’s apartments buildings

collection highlight Women’s apartments buildings

Strolling through Haarlem’s Kenaupark, one can find the most beautiful villas. In 1938 number 6 was purchased by the Flatstichting voor Vrouwen door Vrouwen (a foundation that wanted to build apartment buildings for women by women). The initiative originated from E.J. van Waveren-Resink (1877-1946) in the 1930s.

The establishment of independent housing for women was very progressive at the time, because women were simply not supposed to live on their own. Given the bad living circumstances and the rare opportunities for singles to live independently, the flats provided a unique solution even though they were deemed controversial. Taking on the young architect Gerrit Rietveld also indicates a unique vision for the project.

The premises were converted into apartments for singles that were called EKAWO (abbreviation of the Dutch word for a single room house).
The project turned out to be a success: in 1958, Kenaupark 8 was also acquired.

Source: Archive Flatstichting voor Vrouwen door Vrouwen inv.nr 36


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