Sick of It

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Sexist expressions in the media are a continuing source of irritation for many women and men. In 1974, the need was felt for a complaints department;  the so-called Meld- en Regelkamer, which was initiated by the group Man Vrouw Maatschappij (Man Woman Society). The department responded in word and writing to remarks, especially in the media, which were discriminating and demonstrated against sexist and discriminating pictures in the media.

They sent letters to the editors of newspapers, harassed publicity agents with criticism, responded to discriminating staff advertisements and held lectures. At the end of 1986 the complaints department stopped its activities for the greatest part, but there would be successors.

In April 1992, the Women’s Action group ‘Spuugzat’ (Sick of It) was founded from dissatisfaction with and protest against increasingly sexist publicity. And around 1997, the working group Zij/Hij in Beeld (She/He in the Picture) got started with exposing stereotypical representation of men and women.


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