Wissen wir Frauen alles über unsere Sexualität?

wissen wir frauen alles uber unsere sexualitat


English title: Do we women know everything about our sexuality?
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Keyword(s): sexuality| orgasm| psychoanalysis| reproductive work| double standard
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In the past, women’s frigidity was a given, as demanded by society’s morals. This changed with the new “sex wave”. Now women
feel pressured to have an orgasm, multiple times and at a specific moment. Many women have the problem of frigidity, and it
is heavily tabooed. The reason behind the problem is that “normal” coitus does not lead to an orgasm, because the clitoris
is the organ producing the climax, not the vagina. “The vaginal orgasm is a myth”, says Anne Koedt (p. 3). The text explains
the anatomy of the clitoris and vagina and what happens during coitus. It criticizes Freud’s theory on female sexuality. The
vagina only serves reproduction. However, this is not always the purpose of coitus. First and foremost is lust, and women
should no longer abstain from this lust. Women are kept down primarily through the oppression of their sexuality. Its sole
focus on reproduction leads to the myth of the vaginal orgasm. Women must liberate their sexuality in order to be truly liberated.


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