Gia tin Isotimia. Gia tin axioprepeia mas

Gia tin Isotimia. Gia tin axioprepeia mas

Other | Greece

English title: For our equity. For our dignity
Corporate author(s): MDG; MWI; GWL; GWP; GWM; GWB; GWT
Keyword(s): family law | women’s rights | marriage | dowry | patriarchy
Languages(s): Greek
Manifest: ELIA-19800002

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Description of the inequality that women experience as citizens and as spouses. Overview of quotes from articles in the family law, such as: Man is the head of the family, everything is under the complete control of the husband. The authors demand the abolition of such articles, the abolition of the patriarchal form of the family and the dowry, the end of discrimination against single mothers.


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