Lettre du MLM

Lettre du MLM

Lettre du MLM : des événements dégradants

Article | Portugal

English title: Letter from the WLM : degrading events
Corporate author(s): Movimento de Libertação das Mulheres
Source: Libération
Keyword(s): radical feminism | feminist movement | second feminist wave | actions | sexism | Portugal
Languages(s): French
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“Des événements dégradants…” is the title of the article published in the Libération about the anti-feminist and “macho” attitudes shown by thousands of men at the first feminist manifestation that took place in Portugal, on April 13th 1975, in Lisbon, in the Park Eduardo VII, convened by the Women’s Liberation Movement, right after the implement of democracy on April, 25th 1974. The portuguese feminists wished to put in question some symbols of men’s oppression, pretending to burn those symbols such as fiancée’s wreaths, sexist toys, the civil code dating fom the late regime (the new civil code only appeared in 1978), pornographic magazines, etc. They were victims of male aggression and could not make this manifestation.


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