Aid During the 1953 Flooding

collection highlight Aid During the 1953 Flooding

All Dutch women organizations assisted during the 1953 flooding. The Nederlandse Vereniging van Huisvrouwen (Dutch association of Housewives) for example, offered domestic articles like frying pans and milk pots. From a scrapbook containing circular letters and news articles about the flooding, it becomes evident exactly how much aid the Federatie voor Vrouwelijke Vrijwillige Hulpverlening (Federation for Female Voluntary Aid) offered at the time.

The FVVH had been set up in 1951, with the aim of promoting practical social aid through the cooperation of Dutch women’s organizations. In 1975, the FVVH merged with the Nationale Vrouwenraad van Nederland (National Women’s Council of the Netherlands) and the Nederlandse Vrouwen Comité (Dutch Women’s Committee) into the Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad (Dutch Women’s Council). This organization exists to the present day.

Source: archive FVVH 181


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